PS5 controller DualSense can use games on mobile phones and PCs

This Double sense, PS5 control, available on PC and Cell phone Android as a Bluetooth control.Novelty comes from channels Austin Evans (Austin Evans), Posted a on YouTube Unboxing And the first test of accessories. DualSense should be available on Android and Windows phones (Image source: Austin Evans / Playback) In his video, Evans clarified that … Read more

The central bank says security is vital to Pix business

With the debut Pixel -Scheduled on November 16th, users have increased concerns about possible fraud involving transactions.but Central bank The participating agencies signal that they will take measures to ensure system security from the beginning. At the MobiShop seminar, by Moving timeCarlos Brandt, Deputy Minister of Competition and Financial Market Structure at the Central Bank, … Read more

Microsoft provides cheap accessory games for streaming Xbox games

Microsoft is expected to launch cheap game streaming accessories in 2021. Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox department, visit website Technology. In the conversation, Spencer talked about extended services cloud In the near future. xCloud will expand to streaming media sticks in 2021 (Photo: Microsoft) xCloud extension The executive even mentioned in the chat that xCloud … Read more

BB removes Ourocard and debit card from Google Pay | Business

You use your credit card Brazilian Bank in Google Pay? It’s best to see if it still exists: customers report that after updating the Android app, Ourocard credit and debit cards have been removed from the digital wallet and therefore cannot be added again.Financial institutions confirm the problem by the following methods Technology Blog And … Read more

Xbox Series X and S will soon launch Netflix, Crunchyroll and more applications | Games

Sony revealed this week which streaming applications will be available when the PS5 launches. Microsoft has not released a similar list Xbox Series X with series s, but Technology Blog It can be found in the company’s online store, where applications have been marked according to the new console. Netflix and Crunchyroll will become Xbox … Read more

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