PS5 controller DualSense can use games on mobile phones and PCs

This Double sense, PS5 control, available on PC and Cell phone Android as a Bluetooth control.Novelty comes from channels Austin Evans (Austin Evans), Posted a on YouTube Unboxing And the first test of accessories.

DualSense should be available on Android and Windows phones (Image source: Austin Evans / Playback)

DualSense should be available on Android and Windows phones (Image source: Austin Evans / Playback)

In his video, Evans clarified that he was controlled in advance and did not mention the source of the control. He opened the device box and conducted some first tests, including connecting to Android phones, Pixel 5 and the latest models in the Google product line.

Austin Evans tested by playing Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4, Obtained from Xbox One via xCloud on Android.He explained that the control is 100% functional, but there is no such thing as rumble And the tactile sensor for PS5.

The demonstrator also used a laptop to test the DualSense. Although there are certain limitations, the laptop can still be used as a Bluetooth control under normal conditions; on the PS4, although it is approved, it is only connected as a functional microphone .

PS4 recognizes DualSense as a “Bluetooth control” in a general way, but not for buttons and commands.

According to the video, DualSense:

  • Suitable for Android phones without rumble or tactile sensor (Bluetooth connection)
  • Work on a Windows computer without vibration or tactile sensors (Bluetooth connection)
  • Only used as a microphone on PS4, connected via cable

However, no tests were performed on the iOS device, so it is impossible to tell whether DualSense is running on an iPhone or an iPad-although it can be connected via Bluetooth if possible.

More details of DualSense

Another detail shown in the video is that the DualSense box describes it as “compatible with PS5” and is only compatible with PS5, let alone any other platforms.

Austin Evans also pointed out that one day the controller will usually be compatible with PS4 through an update, because the console will usually recognize it.

As the official release of PS5 approaches on November 12, more news and tests are expected in the coming days.

Incidental information: Austin Evans (Austin Evans).

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