Chrome browser tests Google Shopping ads on the new tab page

The New Tab page in Chrome shows the search bar and website shortcuts, but you can change them. Google is considering updating this area to show Google Shopping ads based on your account activity. This change can be found in the trial version of the browser Canary.

Google Shopping Ads on Chrome Canary (Image: Play/Tecnoblog)

Google Shopping Ads on Chrome Canary (Image: Play/Tecnoblog)

Test, highlight Techdows, Still showing fictitious ads on the new Google Canary tab.They can be enabled by visiting chrome: // logo And change two items: in the “NTP module”, the option “Enable” must be selected, and in the “NTP Shopping Task Module”, select the option “Enable-Dummy Data”. After restarting, the browser began to highlight ads.

As indicated by one of the browser logos, the Google Shopping area still depends on incorrect data. If you choose the “enabled” option without this annotation, no ads will be displayed. When they appear, the browser will show two highlighted office chairs and suggested related term searches.

Google Canary also provides the option to close the module and view more information about the ad. The browser will notify you that “You are viewing this item based on your previous activity on Google services” and explain that “You can view it on, delete data and change settings”.

Chrome explains how ads are displayed (Image: Play/Tecnoblog)

Chrome explains how ads are displayed (Image: Play/Tecnoblog)

Chrome test revenue and streaming highlights

In addition to displaying Google Shopping ads, Chrome can also win modules containing recipe suggestions.The browser will also point to the test of the “Kaleidoscope” module, according to Techdows, Will focus on streaming media services. Even if both are enabled, they will still not be displayed.

While testing the option to display highlights, Canary also showed the option to disable it. You can go to the ” Customize>Card>Hide Card. As the beta versions of Google Chrome are undergoing changes, please note that there is no guarantee that they will reach the official version.

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