The IRS auctions 3 million reais for Xiaomi phones and iPhones | Brazil

The Federal Revenue Service in Cascavel (PR) will auction a large number of iPhones and mobile phones from Xiaomi, Motorola and Samsung: the lowest bid price totals nearly 3 million reais. In addition, there are hundreds of fitness bracelets, such as Mi Band; smart watches, such as Apple Watch; and game consoles such as PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Xiaomi iPhone and mobile phones are being auctioned (Photo: Disclosure/RFB)

Xiaomi iPhone and mobile phones are being auctioned (Photo: Disclosure/RFB)

iPhone and Xiaomi mobile phone revenue auction

The goods for this auction will receive bids before next Monday (26). All products are in Cascavel’s federal tax warehouse, and if purchased, they need to be removed from there. In addition, ICMS is levied.

Below we have collected some examples and the minimum bid provided:

  • Lot 3: 187 units for Apple Watch, 275 units for Xiaomi Mi Band 3, 44 units for Mi Mi Band 4; R $ 67,400
  • Batch 9: Google Chromecast 532 units, Xiaomi Mi Box S 117 units; R $ 24,400
  • Lot 18: 65 PS4 units, 27 Xbox One S units, 14 Nintendo Switch units, etc.; R $ 38,200
  • Lot 27: 106 iPhones (from 7 to XS Max) and 58 Xiaomi Mi Note 7; R $ 62,200
  • Lot 47: 73 iPhone X, XS and XS Max; R $53,400
  • Lot 50: 219 Xiaomi phones, 69 Motorola phones and 16 Samsung phones; R $ 55,000
  • No. 59: 476 Seagate internal drives, 267 Seagate external drives, 168 Kingston SSDs, and others; R $ 45,000
PS4 and Xbox One controls (Image: Disclosure/RFB)

PS4 and Xbox One controls (Image: Disclosure/RFB)

That is only a small part of the revenue auction: there are 62 batches, each with dozens or even hundreds of mobile phones, and the minimum total bid is 2.85 million reais. Since products rarely appear at initial prices, the collection of this category should exceed 3 million reais.

We also provide IT products, smart watches, fitness bracelets, consoles and other consumer electronics products. Check the following table:

category Lot Minimum total bid
Cell phone 62 R $ 2,858,200
PC parts, routers, etc. 18 R $ 691,400
Console and accessories 13 R $ 438,100
Fitness bracelet and watch 4 R $ 182,500
Audio and video 1 piece R $ 25,500
other 17 R $ 590,600
All 115 $ 4,786,300

Almost all batches are reserved for legal entities that can resell the products. The statement warned: “The bidder is responsible for complying with any Anatel requirements regarding batches of telecommunications products”.learn more On the IRS website.

The money from the auction went to social security and foundations (Tax Activity Development Fund). Between January and July this year, a total of 118.7 million reais was collected.

Mi Band (Photo: Disclosure/RFB)

Mi Band (Photo: Disclosure/RFB)

Mobile phones in auction (Photo: Disclosure / RFB)

Mobile phones in auction (Photo: Disclosure / RFB)

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