Microsoft provides cheap accessory games for streaming Xbox games

Microsoft is expected to launch cheap game streaming accessories in 2021. Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox department, visit website Technology. In the conversation, Spencer talked about extended services cloud In the near future.

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xCloud will expand to streaming media sticks in 2021 (Photo: Microsoft)

xCloud extension

The executive even mentioned in the chat that xCloud can be equipped with accessories such as dongles or sticks through cloud computing and streaming technology, and these accessories are now running on Android devices. In addition, he said that this may be a low-cost solution.

He said: “I think cheap hardware will become part of our ecosystem, which includes streaming sticks or other things that people can plug into the TV and play through xCloud.” He added: “You can trust us Such things include a Game Pass subscription, which allows you to stream xCloud games to the TV when you purchase a controller.”

Microsoft tried to release accessories for Xbox streaming in 2016, but the idea was eventually cancelled. However, thanks to xCloud and Game Pass, the idea of ​​streaming within the company today continues to grow stronger.

Spencer also talked about Game Pass in the same interview and talked about the possible “Xbox Game Pass Platinum” (a subscription model that does not yet exist). The executive mentioned the possibility of such a subscription, which includes some new hardware for any subscriber’s Xbox series.

Although streaming attachments are actually a reality in 2021, everything is currently in the realm of ideas and rumors. Another detail is that xCloud is not yet available in Brazil.

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