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You use your credit card Brazilian Bank in Google Pay? It’s best to see if it still exists: customers report that after updating the Android app, Ourocard credit and debit cards have been removed from the digital wallet and therefore cannot be added again.Financial institutions confirm the problem by the following methods Technology Blog And promised to resolve it as soon as possible.

BB on Google Pay (Photo: Disclosure/Brazil Bank of Brazil)

BB on Google Pay (Photo: Disclosure/Brazil Bank of Brazil)

Everton Favretto has been Technology Blog, Noticed the problem this week. He received a text message stating that his BB card has been deleted from Google Pay. When trying to register them again, the application displays an error message: “Something went wrong, please try again.”

He is not the only one who noticed this flaw. “My Google Pay was updated yesterday. In addition to being unsubscribed, my Banco do Brasil Ourocard will no longer provide the option to register with Google Pay on the Ourocard app, and will no longer be accepted through manual registration”, reported on Twitter .

“Is the “Add to Google Pay” button on the Ourocard app missing? My card has been deleted from Google Pay and can no longer be added”, another user asked. The third party said: “It is impossible to add a debit card to Google Pay. The call center said that this is because of inconsistencies in the system itself.”

BB deleted the Google Pay card (Photo: Reproduction / Everton Favretto)

BB says there are “inconsistencies” in Google Pay

Right Technology Blog, BB claimed to have cancelled some card subscriptions due to “discussions involving the Google Pay digital wallet”. She promised to solve the problem next week.

The statement said: “Banco do Brasil informed that it has found inconsistencies related to the Google Pay digital wallet, which caused some customers to cancel their Visa and Elo card orders.” “These customers have been notified and expect the process. It will be normalized next week, allowing customers to insert their cards into their wallets again.”

You can also register BB cards on Samsung Pay and Apple Pay; in these two portfolios, there is obviously no problem.

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